The Solution

The Aqueduct unique patented robotic technology developed by FlowMed conveniently uses the standard solution bags with an automatic electro-mechanic system that replaces the manual bag-switching procedure. FlowMed Aqueduct identifies when the solution in the bag is about to run out, transfers the flow source to a buffer bag, while automatically moving the spike to a new bag - thus enabling a continuous irrigation. Replacement of all empty bags can be performed parallel to system operation.

The Aqueduct is a user-friendly and foolproof system.

Value Proposition

  • Safer, quicker, less stressful MIS
  • Saves bags and costs
  • Saves floor space in OR
  • Hospital ROI < 1 year
  • Disposable Y-Set compatible with commercial pumps
  • Ideal housing for any pump
  • Synergic to dedicated pump
  • Positive users’ feedback
  • Partnerships-oriented
  • Patented technology
  • TTM < 1 year
  • Highly experienced executive team
  • Low regulatory path
  • $1.3B target systems market
  • $150M Yearly Y Set consumption